Grimm – Who is he? Where did he come from? And all those other questions… asked by no one. I’m not really a person that tries to seek out the attention of the room. I just let my eccentric self act as I normally do and let people flock to me by the gaggles. Video games have been a passion of mine since I was little and started playing Atari in my grandma’s basement. Ever since then, I’ve been looking to games for my entertainment to the point of addiction. I use games to clear my head and forget about whats around me.

To start off, I’m a Military brat. I’ve lived in several States and several Countries. I really didn’t get a chance to find the social skills needed to converse very well with people. Not having the skills is what caused me to look into video games. It was a way to have fun without needing to interact with another person. I was always the awkward person if I was with a group of people. Only mainly making acquaintances at the schools that I stayed at long enough to where I did talk to people.

After my family got out of the Military, we settled down in an area where there were two other house close to us, the next house was about 50 gabillion miles as a kid (most likely a half mile away). My time mainly consisted of school, sleeping, cartoons, and computer games. Not very active with the other kids in the other houses because I was the new kid and they already had their groups. The feeling of isolation pushed my more towards video games for enjoyment.

After my Mom and Dad got a divorce, I chose to live with my Dad since i was able to make a friend there. Also, that friend had a NES. Starting with Atari, then going to a computer from 1991, to the NES, the level of enjoyment increased as the complexity of the games increased. Granted, some NES games weren’t too complex, such as “10-Yard Fight”, but most were an improvement over the predecessors. As the years went on, platforms kept getting better, games got more immersive, and new worlds opened up.

In Middle School and High School, I took computer repair classes, programming classes, and in College, I took graphic design classes. I started looking to making my own games. However, I didn’t have enough money to continue with education so I got stuck in the work force like a lot of us. The computer repair classes really peaked my interest about getting back into computers for my gaming platform. I like the ability to upgrade components when I need to. Kind of helps when you’re on a beggars wage too.